Guilty Pleasures By Millie’s purpose is to provide quality products to multiple industries including cannabis, CBD health and wellness and gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. We aspire to be a representation of grass root companies on the forefront of change.

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Guilty Pleasures By Millie

THC infused gummies, hard candies, sugar gems, spicy gems, and sugar-free gems created from in-house original recipes, retailed out of dispensaries around the state of Michigan. 


Tropical-flavored gummies available in eight flavors including two 1:1 flavored gummies (infused with both THC and CBD) and is a brand extension of Guilty Pleasures By Millie.


The Thirst line is currently under development.



CBD infused health and wellness products including Cosmetics, Skincare, Bath and Body, Hair Care, Personal Pleasure, and Skincare.

Where to Purchase Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures products can be found in dispensaries across Michigan and other legal states. If you are patient looking for our products, this map provides a list of dispensaries that are authorized to sell our products. If you are a dispensary interested in carrying our products, we can be found via leaflink, or get in touch with our sales team to get started.