Cannatropics is 10 blends of tropical flavors in a soft, original recipe gummy



A calming wave of rose with a splash of berries

Coconut Dreams

Lush coconut with a mellow, sweet taste

Poolside Pineapple

A juicy pineapple gummy with hints of citrus

Aqua Thunder

A reviving clap of wildly smooth flavor

Citrus Sunset

Blood Orange zest with fading tropical notes

Melon Medley

A mouth-watering blend of melon and sweet fruits

Paradise Punch

A happy mix of berries with citrus aromatics

Tidal Treasure

A luxurious trove of tart and sweet berries

Topless Tangerine

A breezy touch of tangerine and nectar

Kiwi Cruise

An exotic trip to a tropical bliss